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Here are a few package ideas to get you started and thinking about how Smart Home Automation can work for you. Our addons page offers suggestions on ways to expand your system to suit your needs.

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Smart Home Services

We provide a complete smart home installation service by offering custom smart home planning and design, professional installation and high quality support. We will take care of it all!

Security Cameras

Up your security, get alerts, motion detection and so much more. with smart cameras around your home you will get personal alerts, create activity zones and also listen and talk back through your camera. they are secure and easy to use.

Smart Lighting

Smart lights can do so much more than your regular lights. they wirelessly connect to your phone and your smart assistant. Not to mention they are dimmable, can be controlled from anywhere, change color, and some can even play music.

Smart Thermostat

Control your temperature anywhere, get alerts, and with energy star certified smart thermostat, you will save energy. Your thermostat will learn over time your daily usage and help you save more energy, it basically programs itself !

Garage Doors

With a smart garage door, you’ll get reminders when you’ve left the door open, easily manage who can access your garage, set rules for automatic opening and closing, and even monitor the garage via a video stream.

Networking & Wifi

Easily setup your home, business network or WiFi network to get connected. Receiving full coverage of your space is essential for keeping all your devices connected and within reach.

Home Access/Door Sensors

Rather security or automation, smart sensors will keep you alerted and will cover all entry points to your home, trigger automated events and so much more.

All in one App

We select our products carefully and make sure they all work with your smartphone and are all accessible from one app through your phone, hub, or your assistant.

Smart Plugs

Every plug can be a smart plug. smart plugs play a major role in your daily automated routines and are super easy to use, install, and help you save energy.


Almost all major appliances are now available with smart option. If you ever left your house and cant remember if you turned off your stove/oven ? with smart appliances you will always be extra sure.

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